The mission of the STOP the Overdose Project is to empower our community by increasing knowledge about opioid use disorder and educating community members about the disease. By improving attitudes and reducing stigma, we hope to show that recovery is possible with proper support, while also providing resources to those who are struggling to help prevent further tragedies from overdose deaths.

The Stop the Overdose Project is a collaborative effort between Henderson City and County Government and administered by the Women’s Addiction Recovery Manor. Kentucky Opioid Abatement funds awarded to Henderson County have been allocated to fund this project and outcomes will be posted when they are collected and analyzed.

About the Project…

We are the experts, we work on the frontlines and we have experience with harm reduction

We offer knowledge sharing and workshops for local organizations

  • Public speaking: Have an event?  Invite us to speak!
  • Overdose prevention step-by-step.
  • Advanced NARCAN training for schools, businesses, public facilities, and more.
  • Stategic communications: Public relations and community consultation

Please contact us for training overview and availability


Phone: (270) 952-4773