Family Education Program

The Family Education at WARM serves as a way to educate individuals and families about the disease of addiction. At WARM, we believe chemical dependency is a systemic disease that impacts not only the identified addict, but also each member of the family.

The information and education support program that is being offered at WARM will be facilitated by WARM staff and volunteers who have been through the same situations. The program will give participants the tools they need to address addiction in the family and allow them to begin their own process of personal recovery.

This program covers:

  • Understanding addiction as a disease that progresses over time
  • The impact of addiction on the family
  • Appropriately process the feelings and emotions around the truth that their family members addiction has not only impacted the addict but also each family member
  • Understanding the process of treatment and recovery
  • Identifying a support system
  • Developing healthy communication skills
  • Developing healthy coping and problem solving skills
  • Understanding the difference between support and enabling
  • Developing healthy boundaries

The Family Education Program at WARM occurs monthly. To find out more information about FEP, please contact Jaclyn Hale, RRCH Director at 270-212-0116.

Program implemented by:

Laura Wilson, WARM Alumni